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Size: 2"W X 1 5/8"D X 1"H
Artist: Gurova
Style: Palekh

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The box is signed by the artist and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.



A beautiful, with lots of details painting is a cheerful landscape inspired by a country splendor of Central Russia.

The story is the following: Baba Yaga has kidnapped Ibvanushka, Anyonushka's younger brother. Swan-Geese took him away to Baba Yaga's log cabin on chicken legs deep in the woods. . Alynushka followed the geese to find out where her brother was confined. Later with the help of all her friends she rescued Ivanushka.

Unfortunately a digital imge cannot fully reflect the smoothnes of colors of his work. This box is much more gentle "in person".

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